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Welcome to the Auctionity documentation! Get familiar with our product, explore all of its features, and join the ever-growing community of developers building Auctionity.

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Create your own saleroom

Building your very own online saleroom has never been easier. Boost your business thanks to Auctionity's open-source solution. Enable anyone to freely trade your ERC-721 tokens directly on your website.

create your auction


your own auction house

Engage your community


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NFT monetization


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Auctionity Saleroom API

Use our API to create 100% custom saleroom.



Users can choose between Portis and Metamask to sign in, access their dashboard and take part in the auction.



Start configuring your auction house by selecting your desired queries such as the auction's status or category.


Block explorer

List, search and inspect blocks, transactions and contracts using transaction hash and address.



Inspect, choose and add the various categories available on the Auctionity Saleroom to the widget.



Our widget also handles transaction tunnels, allowing users to add ETH onto their account prior to bidding.


Transaction builder

Configure advanced auction parameters including bid, withdrawal and token transfer transactions.



Allow users to log in and sign ETH transactions directly on your website by implementing path parameters.

Embed the widget into your website


Integrate any live auction from the Auctionity Saleroom directly into your website and start to earn money thanks to the Community Reward. The widget couldn't be easier to setup: copy and paste the auction's personalized embed code wherever you want the auction to appear on your website. You can also customize it to fit your needs!

List your DApp

Want to list a new type of crypto-collectibles you have developed? Our team will gladly accept any submissions and will consider adding the asset as a new category of the Saleroom upon review.

List your DApp
Auctionity desktop playground

Join our developer-friendly playground!

Join our community of developers and explore the Auctionity API in our interactive playground. We’re always happy to help with coding or any questions you may have.