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Download free customizable templates

You can easily create your own shop to showcase auction sales within your own website or on a dedicated page. Just use one of our templates as-is or customize them to fit your brand.

First, download the .zip file of the template here. Unzip the file. You will then have a folder containing a "CSS" folder, an "images" folder as well as an index.html file.

Open the index.html file to start customizing your template. You may open it with a simple application such as "Notes" or your can download specific apps such as Visual Studio Code for improved readability.

Whenever you come across a "CHANGE" mention in the index.html file, it means you can modify the content within the tag. Here is an example below:

<!-- CHANGE <h1> inner text -->

Everything that is between the <head> </head> tags is not visible to your visitors but is useful to search engines. Don't be surprised if your modifications within this section do not change anything in the website appearance but know that it is important to customize it to fit your brand nonetheless.

Once you get to the <body> tag, everything your change will show on your page. Use the menu below to navigate to the section you are interested in.

Here is a sample of what the template will look like when you download it:

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Download free customizable templates

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