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Integrate an auction widget in your website

You can easily integrate an auction widget into your website or your blog to showcase one or more specific sales. Your can showcase your own assets that you currently have for sale on the saleroom or you may also showcase assets from other users in order to obtain a portion of the community reward.

First, go to and login with Portis or Metamask. This will allow the saleroom to create your referral link when integrating the widget.

You may only integrate sales that are ongoing. Go to the page for the asset you wish to integrate as a widget and click the 3 dots above the video and select 'embed auction':

This will prompt a window allowing to choose the format of your widget: horizontal, vertical or without video. Select the option you prefer (this will modify the embed link) then copy and paste the first link wherever you want it to appear on your website of blog.

For the widget to work, you will also need to copy and paste the script in the second link just before the </body> tag of your website. You will only have to do this step once as the script remains the same.

That's it your widget should now appear where you have pasted the first link!

Updated 8 months ago

Integrate an auction widget in your website

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